Spain: Polisario supporter pleads guilty to terrorism charges

Spain: Polisario supporter pleads guilty to terrorism charges

A Polisario supporter pleaded on Tuesday guilty in Spain to charges of promoting jihadist ideology and violent extremism through social media networks.

The Spanish public prosecutor called for the defendant to be sent to jail for four years and six months for his hatred for Spain and extremist propaganda. But after pleading guilty to terrorism charges, the man will be sentenced to two years in prison and a five-year probation.

Prior his arrest in March 2022, the polisario member used to post daily online messages calling for jihad. In his Facebook page, he openly expresses support for Daech and shares his hatred for Spain. He chatted with jihadists in the conflict zones and promoted audios and videos of ISIS leaders.

He admitted that he is a member of the terrorist organization Islamic State in the Greater Sahara (ISGS), and affirmed that he had ties with former ISGS chief Abu Walid Al Saharaoui, who was killed in August 2021.

Several international press reports had unveiled lately alarming links between Algeria-backed Polisario militias and terrorist networks operating in the Sahel and conflict zones in the Middle East.

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