Madrid rejects request to grant Polisario “observer status” in Ibero-American States Organization

Madrid rejects request to grant Polisario “observer status” in Ibero-American States Organization

Spain has dealt a hard blow to Polisario and its puppeteers during the latest summit of the Ibero-American Conference of Heads of State and Governments, an organization equivalent of the Commonwealth or Francophonie.

During this summit convened in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Spanish foreign minister José Manuel Albares has foiled a plot hatched by the Algerian junta to get an observer status with petrodollars for the Polisario armed militia group. Colombia’s leftist president Gustavo Petro has been tasked with this mission but he failed.

Mr. Petro tried to impose the presence of Polisario in the summit but to no avail despite all maneuvers. Spain’s top diplomat stood firm and remained adamant, affirming observer status in the Ibero-American regional organization is granted only to states recognized by the United Nations.

The Sahara issue was not discussed by the Ibero-American summiteers who focused on Haiti’s deepening humanitarian crisis and pledged to cooperate on environmental issues.


It is worth noting that Morocco is a strategic partner of neighboring Spain which supports the “credible and realistic” autonomy plan offered by Rabat for a lasting and peaceful solution to the Sahara regional conflict.

Furthermore, the majority of Colombian senators are challenging their President’s decision to restore ties with self-proclaimed separatist entity “SADR”, which is armed, funded and hosted by the Algerian junta.

In a joint statement, the senators urged President Petro to reverse his hostile decision which, they say, undermines the excellent ties of friendship existing with Morocco, a longstanding friend playing a key role in Africa and across the Arab world.

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