Hundreds of Kais Saied’s supporters hold protest against ‘traitors’

Hundreds of Kais Saied’s supporters hold protest against ‘traitors’

Several hundreds of Tunisians supporting President Kais Saied rallied Monday in capital Tunis to beef up backing to the unpopular leader and called out “traitors” who they believe are colluding with foreign entities.

“The people want the country to be cleansed!” they chanted in a central Tunis avenue.

The support comes in time of mounting foreign criticism of President Saied over crackdown on several critics among whom journalists, political activists, business people, judges and political figures accused by authorities of conspiring against state security.

They are believed to have met with French and American diplomats. The US and the European Union have voiced concerns over detention of the critics and have called for their release.

President Saied has tightened his grip on power since July 25, 2021 after he froze and later dissolved the parliament and changed the constitution through a largely boycotted referendum.

In December Tunisians were invited to elect a new parliament but the vote turned out to be an utter rejection of Saied’s plans as turnout only stood at 11 per cent, the worst ever recorded in the history of the North African country.

“We support Saied in his campaign against the traitors and the corrupt, against those who ruined the country during the past decade and against external interference,” Lobna Souissi, one of the demonstrators, said. “We want Saied to continue his war relentlessly,” she added.

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