Thousands march in Paris in support of Kabylie independence

Thousands march in Paris in support of Kabylie independence

They were at least 10,000 people who marched in Paris chanting slogans in support of Kabylie independence and condemning the military regime in Algeria for its crackdown on peaceful pro-independence activists.

The march was organized by Kabyle independence movement, MAK, after its leader Ferhat Mhenni was handed the capital punishment along with 49 other leaders.

The Algerian regime has classified MAK as a terrorist group and cracked down on sympathizers in the restive Kabylie region sending scores to jail.

The march was largely ignored by pro-establishment French media, including the AFP, denoting a connivance between Paris and Algiers against Tizi Ouzzou and the Kabyle people.

The US state department terrorism report criticized the Algerian regime for using terrorism to silence dissent.

“In 2021 Algerian authorities targeted more frequently the Berber separatist Movement for the Self-Determination of Kabylie and the Islamist movement Rachad, which the government designated as terrorist organizations in May. The United States considers these designations more political than security focused, as both groups are highly critical of the government and do not appear to have committed what the United States defines as terrorist acts,” the report said.

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