UN concerned about crackdown over civil society groups in Algeria

UN concerned about crackdown over civil society groups in Algeria

A UN Human Rights Independent expert has called on Algeria to stop attacking civil society organizations which have been facing increasing pressure from the state which has dissolved the country’s prominent two non-governmental human rights entities.

La Ligue algérienne pour la défense des droits de l’homme [The Algerian League for Human Rights Defense] (LADDH) and Le Rassemblement actions jeunesse [Youth Actions Rally] (RAJ) have been dismantled by Algerian authorities who have resented the organizations’ recent collaborations with the UN on the situation of human rights in the North African country.

“The acts of intimidation, silencing and repression against the human rights movement must stop,” said Mary Lawlor, UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders.

“The decision to dissolve these two well-respected human rights organizations demonstrates an alarming crackdown on civil society organizations and seriously undermines the space for human rights defenders to associate, express themselves freely, and carry out their legitimate human rights activities. The decisions to dissolve these two prominent human rights organizations must be reversed,” she added.

The UN argues that both LADDH, RAJ and other human rights associations are witnessing increasing state crackdown on their work. Authorities have rendered protests, peaceful meetings and freedom of speech difficult for them.

Several members of LADDH have reportedly faced obstacles and reprisals for their cooperation with the United Nations, particularly during their active participation in the Universal Periodic Review of Algeria in 2022, Lawlor added.

LADDH has not been informed about a court decision made in May ordering its dissolution.
RAJ on the other hand was also outlawed in October 2021 following a decision by an administrative court. The organization appealed the decision before the State Council.

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