Cameroon detains business tycoon in connection with assassination of Martinez Zogo

Cameroon detains business tycoon in connection with assassination of Martinez Zogo

Jean-Pierre Amougou Belinga, owner of L’Anecdote media group and acquaintance of Cameroonian Minister of Justice Laurent Esso, was arrested Monday in connection to investigation into the abduction and murder of journalist Martinez Zogo last month.

The arrest came after Justin Danwe, Deputy Director of Cameroon’s General Directorate for External Investigations (DGRE) confessed to authorities he was part of the league that killed Radio Amplitude FM’s presenter, found dead on January 22 after undergoing torture.

Danwe told investigators that the murder took place in the basement of a building belonging to Belinga.

Per Danwe account, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) reports, Belinga who Zogo accused of embezzlement, himself beat Zogo in the basement of his building and telephoned Justice minister Laurent Esso, to whom he is close, to ask him what Zogo’s fate should be.

According to Danwe’s statement, Belinga was not present when “the job was finished”, RSF adds.

The DGRE deputy Chief told investigators that his boss Léopold Maxime Eko Eko, also arrested in connection with the probe, is aware of the crime.

RSF notes that investigations led by a mixed Commission of gendarmes and police officers are being carried out on orders of President Paul Biya himself. The media watchdog also learned that other important persons, including several other ministers close to Belinga, could have been informed in advance of the plan to kill Zogo and could even have been involved.

Cameroon is ranked 118th out of 180 countries in RSF’s 2022 World Press Freedom Index.

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