Cameroon: 11 killed in landslide

Cameroon: 11 killed in landslide

At least 11 people were reported dead in a land subsidence Sunday in the central region of Cameroon, Anadolu news agency reports citing the governor of the region.

“The victims, who had come to take part in a funeral ceremony, had sat down under several large tents on a vacant lot at the top of a hill when suddenly, the ground collapsed under part of the audience,” Naseri Paul Bea said.

Eleven bodies have already been recovered and searches are continuing for other bodies under the ground. All the different rescue services are working to save the people who are still trapped underground. We don’t know exactly how many people were there but work is being done to limit the toll, Bea also stressed.
The incident is the second this year. In October a female teacher died as result of landslide in capital Yaoundé.

And in October 2019, at least 43 people were reported dead after a landslide in Bafoussam, 300 km, west of the capital.

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