Morocco returns from Arab summit with major diplomatic wins

Morocco returns from Arab summit with major diplomatic wins

Algeria did everything it could to make Morocco skip the Arab Summit, but in vain. The North African Kingdom emerged victorious from the summit which ended with a final declaration commending the role of Al Quds committee led by King Mohammed VI, condemned foreign interferences in Arab countries’ affairs, reaffirmed support for the unity of Arab states and expressed support to Fez hosting a global event for inter-civilizational dialogue.

In contrast, Algeria failed in all its schemes. President Tebboune had said that the summit will be dedicated to the Palestinian issue and to the Polisario. But none of that happened. Tebboune was forced to express support for the two-state solution in line with the Arab initiative that advocates an independent Palestinian state living side by side with Israel with east Jerusalem as its capital.

The maneuvers of Algeria to impose the Polisario were met with utter rejection of Arab states and the deceitfulness of an Algerian state-owned media in showing the Moroccan map devoid of the Sahara was fiercely condemned by the Arab league, propelling an apology from that same TV channel which blamed the graphic designer.

A Moroccan source told le360 how the Moroccan delegation was mistreated in Algiers but remained in place to make Morocco’s voice heard.

The Algerian authorities have prevented many independent reporters from covering the summit and those who were allowed have been confined to a separate hotel from which they were escorted under heavy security to the summit venue.

The Moroccan foreign minister had wanted to organize a press conference with international media but Algerian authorities prevented that from happening.

Algerian authorities also prevented Moroccan journalists from covering the event, subjected them to interrogations and confiscated their equipment before asking them to leave the airport.

The final declaration of the summit however is a victory for Morocco whose stands have been voiced starkly there and whose role in defending the Palestinian cause was highlighted along with its contribution to world peace through hosting international inter-civilizational dialogue events.

The position of many Arab states in denouncing foreign interferences in an allusion to Iranian destabilization acts and their unequivocal support for the unity and sovereignty of Arab states reflect the extent of the isolation of the Algerian pro-Iranian regime.

Now, the Algerian regime has only the fact of hosting the summit as a sham achievement to hide its failure to influence the Arab summit agenda.


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