Agriculture: Morocco’s annual dates output to reach 300,000 tons by 2030

Agriculture: Morocco’s annual dates output to reach 300,000 tons by 2030

Morocco’s annual dates production is expected to increase to 300,000 tons by 2030 up from 149,000 tons recorded in 2021, according to latest data released by Moroccan ministry of agriculture.

This goal will be reached thanks to the implementation of the new agricultural strategy Green Generation 2020-2030. Under this ambitious plan, 5 million palm date trees will be planted, while the country’s storage and packaging capacity will be enhanced significantly to keep pace with the expected growing production.

These figures were disclosed on the sidelines of the Erfoud dates show held lately with the participation of 236 exhibitors and 9 countries (UAE, Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, Turkey and Belgium).

The exhibition turnover exceeded $2.5 million in sales and orders for more than 660 tons of dates, according to the event organizers.

Agriculture employs 38% of the work force in Morocco which aims to develop this sector to support the emergence of a rural middle class.
The North African Kingdom aspires to double its agricultural GDP between 2020 and 2030 to $22 billion thanks to the Green Generation plan. It also seeks to boost exports to $5.6 billion by 2030.

The plan offers investment incentives and facilities to encourage young agricultural entrepreneurs, create jobs, increase economic opportunities in rural areas and speed up transition towards a more climate resilient agriculture.

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