Algeria isolated as Arab league members push for condemnation of Iran

Algeria isolated as Arab league members push for condemnation of Iran

Algeria, the host of the Arab League summit to take place on Nov 2, has to brace for an Arab League resolution condemning Iran’s destabilizing acts in the east and the west of the Arab world.


A motion in this regard was put forward by Moroccan foreign minister Nasser Bourita who proposed the inclusion of the condemnation of Iran’s destabilization acts both in the Gulf and in the Moroccan Sahara, media reports said.


The motion was proposed at a closed-door preparatory meeting for the Arab League Summit chaired by Algerian foreign minister Ramtane Lamaamra who attempted but failed to abort the Moroccan proposal.


The proposal is backed by a majority of Arab league countries who confront direct Iranian threats, especially Gulf countries.


Recent news reports, citing Polisario officials, have said that the separatist front has received Iranian drones.


Morocco’s representative to the UN in New York Omar Hilale has also warned of this dangerous development which he said will be met with “proportional response” from the Moroccan army.


This new deal, if true, “would be considered a serious act not only for Morocco, but for the whole region,” he warned.


Militarily, this deal would be “a game-changer,” Omar Hilale noted, stressing that Morocco will react accordingly. “They (the separatists) know that when Morocco decides to react, it does so appropriately,” the diplomat said.


Morocco had severed ties with Tehran in May 2018, accusing it of using its Hezbollah proxies to train and arm the Polisario separatist militias.

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