Algeria forces Caritas charity out of the country

Algeria forces Caritas charity out of the country

Algerian authorities have asked the Caritas charity to end all its activities in the country, a decision which the Catholic church said will enter into force on October 1.

The closure of Caritas is a new authoritarian move taken by the Algerian military regime which turned the country into a big prison preventing international charities and rights NGOs from operating.

Even tourists are asked for a visa in Algeria, not to mention journalists who are only let in if they are willing to do some pro-Polisario propaganda.

The Algerian government decided to stop activities of Caritas Algeria without giving a detailed official justification to the Bishops of the Catholic Church in Algeria.

Algeria has imposed a blackout on the media and on the international civil society as the crackdown on dissidents continues unabated by what the French President described as a brutal military regime.

On September, the UN special rapporteur on human rights was asked to put off his visit to the country indefinitely.

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