Morocco ranks 3rd in Africa on Digital quality of life index

Morocco ranks 3rd in Africa on Digital quality of life index

The “Digital Quality of Life Index” (DQL), rating digital connectivity in 117 countries in the world, has ranked Morocco 3rd on the African continent and 71 worldwide.

The fourth edition of the index took into account 14 indicators including speed, GDP per capita, mobile Internet cost and broadband Internet cost. The study is based on information provided by the United Nations, the World Bank, Freedom House and International Communications Union.

The index highlights a slight improvement in the e-government index compared to 2021, but it remains very low compared to the world average since it is ranked 88th worldwide.

Per the index, the kingdom also scored well on e-safety, ranking 42nd. Internet accessibility in Morocco is ranked 78th, down 8 places from 2021.

The North Africa country, however, still needs to improve the quality and stability of internet. On that aspect, the Kingdom is far from the world average by 19 points, losing 34 places on this index. The infrastructure is also ranked 83rd in the world.

Israel, overall, leads the index overtaking Denmark ranked 1st last year. Germany, France and Sweden are respectively ranked 3rd, 4th and 5th.

The top ten also feature Netherlands, Finland, Japan, United Kingdom and South Korea.

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