Tunisia seals its pro-Polisario position in statement

Tunisia seals its pro-Polisario position in statement

In response to Moroccan condemnation of Tunis hostile stands regarding Rabat’s supreme interests manifested in the reception of the Polisario militias’ chief, Tunisia has issued a statement that only adds insults to injury and seals the support of Tunis to the Algeria-backed Polisario front.

Morocco has said in a statement that Tunis has multiplied hostile stands regarding Morocco’s vital interests culminating in the presidential invitation of the Polisario to attend a Japanese-African development conference TICAD regardless of Japan’s rejection.

Morocco responded by recalling its ambassador and abstained from attending the event slated this Aug 27-28.

Instead of offering explanations on Tunisia’s provocations of millions of Moroccans by hosting and offering honors to a militia chief, Tunisian foreign ministry issued a statement that entrenches Tunisia’s new reality as a tributary state of Algeria.

The statement mentions the full name of the self-proclaimed SADR republic two times and says separatist leader Brahim Ghali was treated on par with other heads of states attending the event. At the same time, the statement says Tunis maintains neutrality on the Sahara conflict between “the parties”.

By offering a head of state reception to the leader of a separatist militia who declared war on Morocco, Tunisia has not only manifested bluntly its pro-Algeria bias, it has also shown inconsideration for Rabat whose reaction was balanced and well-thought in recalling the ambassador for consultation.

Moroccan foreign ministry in a new statement showed that Polisario had no place at TICAD and that African Union resolutions stipulate that not all Union members are entitled to attend.

A correspondence from the Japanese mission to the African Union states clearly said that Japanese authorities did not address whatsoever invitation to Brahim Ghali and his self-proclaimed republic referred to in the Japanese document as “the entity”.

Tunis under the leadership of Kais Saied is swimming against the current hoping to be rescued by Algeria, which only sees in Tunis a vassal state.

The opposition in Tunisia and prominent figures are already deploring Saied’s blunders on the Sahara issue. Former president Moncef Marzouki said the reception offered by Saied to Ghali is an “irresponsible act prejudicial to Tunisia’s interests.”
Other analysts said that the Tunisian president has opted for “political suicide” or described his decision as “an absurd choice”, “a dangerous deviation”, “a diplomatic stupidity” that will undoubtedly expose Tunisia’s superior interests and its credibility to great difficulties.

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