U.S. supports Morocco with Air Defense Systems, another blow to Polisario-Algeria-Iran Axis

U.S. supports Morocco with Air Defense Systems, another blow to Polisario-Algeria-Iran Axis

The United States has decided to support Morocco with integrated air defense networks against missile & drones’ attacks, dealing another hard blow to the Polisario militias, which are armed, funded and sheltered by the ruling Algerian military junta.

The decision has been approved lately by the U.S. Congress in its vote for the appropriation bill for Fiscal Year 2023. Funds have been appropriated by the lawmakers to enhance military capacities of U.S. allies in the MENA region including Morocco to counter missile and unmanned aircraft systems attacks by Iran and its proxies, making reference to the Polisario armed militias with links to Iranian-backed Hezbollah terror group.

In 2018, Rabat cut diplomatic ties with Teheran for its support to Hezbollah in arming and training Polisario separatists with the blessing of Algerian rulers.

According to intelligence reports, the Iranian embassy in Algiers facilitated the trip of Hezbolah leaders and military commanders to Tindouf wherein they trained separatist militias to carry out attacks against Morocco.

During the latest ministerial meeting of the Global Coalition against Daesh held in Marrakesh, participants sounded the alarm against the growing terrorism-separatism nexus, saying that the collusion against the sovereignty and stability of states nurtures the alliance between terrorists and separatists, threatening regional peace and security.

Last year, Israeli foreign minister Yair Lapid voiced concern over Algeria’s rapprochement with Iran. Washington is also concerned over the Algiers-Teheran axis as the United States is working to curb Iran’s destabilizing activities, and help regional partners lay the foundation for greater security, prosperity, and opportunity for their people.

The United States is partnering with allied African countries to solve problems of common interest –from health security to shared economic prosperity to countering terrorism–mindful of the continent’s importance to critical global issues.

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