Immersion of Young Moroccan Leaders into UN System

Immersion of Young Moroccan Leaders into UN System

A group of young Moroccans took part in the “Future We Want: Model United Nations”, a global initiative for Young Leaders, held lately at the UN Headquarters in New York.

The FWWMUN is the world’s largest platform for youth empowerment on diplomatic and international affairs, civic engagement and global citizenship.

During their participation in FWW meetings and debates, the young Moroccan leaders tackled the issues of water scarcity, energy transition, human rights and multilateralism.

They also met with several UN ambassadors and senior officials of the United Nations.

FWWMUN is one of the world’s largest youth forums for young leaders. It is committed to promoting a united international community, a better future, and a more sustainable world through the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Initiative brings together future generations of leaders from all corners of the globe to gain first-hand experience in international relations. It enables young leaders to engage directly with diplomats, ambassadors, and government officials, and benefit from a unique experience of deep immersion into the United Nations system.

Meanwhile, young Moroccans and foreigners are participating in Marrakech this August 6 through 9 in the 1st edition of the Model United Nations conference (Model UN) held under the topic: “Resolution of international conflicts according to the United Nations standards”.

The conference, organized by the Moroccan Youth Forum, in partnership with the Master “Linguistics and English Language” of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Marrakech, and the English Language Center WLC, aims to improve the communication skills of young people according to the standards of the United Nations.

It is also meant to improve their language skills, introduce them to debate and discussion techniques, and strengthen their interest in international issues and conflict resolution techniques, and involvement in decision-making, in addition to building up their diplomatic capacity to enable them to defend national interests according to UN standards.

The gathering provides a platform to present and discuss issues inherent to youth, including scientific research, education, training and coexistence, as well as an occasion to sharpen their communication skills, a mechanism that carries values and principles.

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