Demonstration in Ouagadougou against French presence in Burkina Faso

Demonstration in Ouagadougou against French presence in Burkina Faso

Several dozen people gathered in Ouagadougou on last Saturday to protest against France’s presence in Burkina Faso, calling for a major mobilization on 12 August.

The rally took place in front of the memorial erected in memory of Thomas Sankara, the “progressive” former Burkinabe president assassinated in a 1987 coup d’état instigated by Blaise Compaoré, who was close to France until his fall in 2014.

The protesters held up placards reading: “France, sponsor of terrorism, get out”, “All together for the liberation of Burkina Faso”, “Imperial France, tyrant, leech, get out”, or “No to cooperation agreements with France”.

“We denounce the economic partnership agreements, the installation of detachments and military bases on the African continent” and “demand the departure of the military base in Kamboissin (north-west of Ouagadougou), the end of the technical assistance agreement and cooperation agreements with France”, said Monique Yeli Kam, president of a new coalition of organizations gathered within the M30 Naaba Wobgo, named after a former Mossi emperor who opposed France in the 19th century.
France “clings miserably to its former African colonial empire, whose resources it plunders, exploits at will, ignites terrorism and fuels wars and genocide,” she added.

“We are a new generation and we have become aware of our history and are determined to take responsibility for ourselves and earn our independence through more freedom and truth,” said Sayouba Kindo, a member of the M30.

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