Will Morocco add nuclear to its energy mix ?

Will Morocco add nuclear to its energy mix ?

Morocco mulls building nuclear power plants to enhance further its low-carbon energy mix and speed up its green economy transition by adopting smart technologies to maximize efficiency, reduce costs and CO2 emissions.

These projects have been unveiled by minister of Energy Transition & Sustainable Development, Leïla Benali at the House of Advisors (Parliament upper house).

She said that her department has carried out a study on the possibility of resorting to nuclear energy to enable the Kingdom meet its electricity needs. This option has already been recommended and the study findings will be presented at the Parliament this year, she said.

“Morocco has invested in solar and wind energies, and it is now eyeing nuclear power to meet its electricity needs … We need a national decision to start producing electricity from nuclear energy,” underlined Mrs. Benali.

In 2011, Moroccan government approved the setting up of an agency to ensure nuclear plant safety, paving the way for building its first nuclear reactors.

Last year, Morocco opened first national Training Centre in Nuclear Science and Technology as an extension of the National Centre for Nuclear Energy, Sciences and Techniques (CNESTEN) in Maamora, near Rabat.

The new centre aims to equip Morocco’s nuclear scientists with the necessary skills to be qualified to safely and sustainably use of nuclear techniques.

It also seeks to strengthen regional capacities in Africa in the field of nuclear sciences and related technologies, within the framework of international and regional cooperation programs.


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