Japan turns to Morocco for its food security

Japan turns to Morocco for its food security

Japan is looking to Morocco to foster its food security in a global context marked by a surge in prices of soil nutrients on the back of the supply disruption created by the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Japanese deputy agriculture minister Takebe Arata told the media during his visit to Rabat that his country is seeking larger imports of fertilizers and phosphates from Morocco as well as citrus products.

“Morocco is a global phosphates power and that is the reason why my country is interested in importing a considerable quantity of fertilizers,” he said following talks with the Moroccan agriculture minister in Rabat.

He said Japan intends to import Moroccan phosphates to feed soil in the next autumn season.

Agricultural trade between Morocco and Japan stands at 200 million dirhams annually, showing a surplus in Morocco’s favor with exports at 180 million dirhams made up mainly of coriander, frozen strawberries and algae.

Morocco has taken a central stage at global food security efforts as it controls the globe’s largest phosphates reserves.

The country’s phosphates and fertilizers producer OCP said it will increase production by 10% this year to meet increasing demand amid a global shortage of fertilizers triggered by Russia’s decision to halt all exports of soil nutrients.


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