Morocco launches digital platform compiling over 10,000 Hadiths

Morocco launches digital platform compiling over 10,000 Hadiths

The Moroccan Ministry of Endowments & Islamic Affairs has launched, at the order of King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, a digital platform compiling more than 10,000 Hadiths of the Prophet Sidna Muhammad (PBUH).

This platform is accessible via the websites “” and “”, as well as on Play Store. It will soon be available on App Store. It aims to inform the general public on the classification of hadiths.

The launch of this platform is a significant religious, scientific and informative event, which meets the need of the general public in terms of learning the religion and the Sunna, the Prophet’s tradition and practices.

Actually, the knowledge of Islam requires the learning of the Quran, as well as studying the Sunna, which is the second reference for every Muslim.

The Mohammed VI platform for Hadith can accommodate up to 10,000 users simultaneously. It brings together ten thousand Hadiths, whose authenticity was either verified or not.

The platform allows interaction between the users and the Ulema (religious scholars) via the Q&A section. The questions will be answered by e-mail within 24 hours.

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