Fiat to make super-mini electric cars in Morocco factory

Fiat to make super-mini electric cars in Morocco factory

Italy’s automotive giant, Fiat, will resurrect its Topolino model in electric version based on Citroen Ami, already being manufactured in Kenitra plant in Morocco.

Fiat is part of Setllantis group which also controls PSA, Citroen and Opel and has a factory in Kenitra.

Just like the Ami, the Topolino is expected to be sold in passenger and cargo versions and there could also be a convertible model with a canvas soft top.

At 2.41 meters (95 inches) long, the Ami is considered a quadricycle that can be driven by people as young as 14.

It has room for two grown-ups and is powered by a small electric motor with a peak output of just 6 kilowatts. The top speed is 45 kilometers per hour and has a 7.2-meter turning circle.

Its battery has a range of 75 kilometers with a single charge, making it ideal for urban errands.

Moroccan auto-parts manufacturers have stepped up investments in electric cars. Wire harness manufacturers announced last month an investment worth 180 million dollars to launch advanced wire systems to boost Morocco’s automotive industries competitiveness.

The automotive ecosystem in general is Morocco’s leading exporting sector with $8.6 billion in 2021, that is a 16% increase compared to 2020.

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