Ambassador Karima Benyaich returns to Madrid after Spain’s clear support to Morocco’s territorial integrity

Ambassador Karima Benyaich returns to Madrid after Spain’s clear support to Morocco’s territorial integrity

Moroccan ambassador to Spain Karima Benyaich returned Sunday to her post in Madrid after Head of Spanish government Pedro Sanchez sent King Mohammed VI a letter voicing clear support to Morocco’s territorial integrity and autonomy plan for the Sahara.

In a statement to Spanish news agency EFE, Mrs. Benyaich said “a new stage, a new page is opening up in the relations between the two neighboring countries”.

The return of the Moroccan ambassador marks the end of the diplomatic spat that lasted nearly one year putting on hold several partnership projects. Rabat had recalled its ambassador to Spain for consultation in May last year in protest against Madrid’s decision to host secretly Polisario leader, under a false identity, in connivance with Algiers.

In his message addressed Friday to King Mohammed VI, Spanish PM said Madrid supports Morocco’s autonomy initiative, describing it as “the most serious, realistic and credible” basis for settling the Sahara issue.

On Friday, the Spanish government presidency issued a statement saying that Spain is committed to respecting Morocco’s “sovereignty and territorial integrity,” as part of a “new era” in bilateral ties.

“We are ushering today a new era in our ties with Morocco, based on mutual respect, the implementation of agreements, refraining from unilateral actions, transparency and permanent communication,” said the statement.

“This new era will be elaborated…in a clear and ambitious roadmap in order to guarantee stability, sovereignty, the territorial integrity and prosperity for our two countries,” underlined the statement.

Several Spanish, American and European influential politicians, MPs, analysts and investors have praised the Spanish supportive stand to Morocco’s territorial integrity, saying it opens up promising perspectives for shared prosperity, regional peace and security.

Washington, Paris, Rome and several other capitals from around the world have also welcomed the Spanish position on the Sahara, stressing that the “serious, credible and realistic” autonomy plan offered by Morocco under its sovereignty is the ONLY feasible solution and the ONLY basis for a just and lasting resolution of the Sahara regional dispute.

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