Sahara: Philippines supports Morocco’s territorial integrity

Sahara: Philippines supports Morocco’s territorial integrity

The Government of Philippines has voiced strong support to Morocco’s territorial integrity and sovereignty over its Sahara, commending the autonomy plan offered by Rabat as “good basis” to finding a political solution to the Sahara regional conflict.

“On the Sahara issue, we defend the principle of sovereignty and equality of States as stipulated in the UN Charter”, said Philippines’ Foreign minister Teodoro Locsin Jr. at a joint press briefing held Thursday in Rabat with Moroccan peer Nasser Bourita.

“All States have the right to full sovereignty over all their territories”, he added, noting that the UN Charter urges sovereign states to refrain from the use of force against political independence and territorial integrity of any member state”.

“We condemn the use of separatism (…) as a diplomatic weapon. The cruelest conflicts are those where neighbors turn against neighbors,” underlined Mr. Teodoro Locsin Jr.

“Morocco and the Philippines will coordinate to defend their territorial integrity and fight separatist and extremist groups wherever they are,” said on his part Bourita.

Morocco and the Philippines share a convergent vision on the need to have strong countries to meet the economic, security and environmental challenges facing the world today, Bourita said, noting that the two countries will coordinate to defend their territorial integrity and fight separatist and terrorist groups.

During his visit to Rabat, Teodoro Locsin Jr. co-chaired with Moroccan peer the 2nd meeting of Morocco-Philippines Political Consultations and inaugurated the new Philippines embassy in Morocco’s capital city.

The two sides agreed to develop economic relations especially with the wide opportunities that the two countries open for each other in their respective regions. The Philippines can be a gateway for Morocco to a strong presence in the framework of the Kingdom’s advanced ties with the Association of Southeast Asian States (ASEAN), just as Morocco can serve as a gateway for a sustained economic presence of the Philippines in Africa.

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