Morocco: Arrest of five IS-affiliated extremists

Morocco: Arrest of five IS-affiliated extremists

The Central Bureau for Judicial Investigations (BCIJ) arrested, Wednesday morning, five extremists affiliated to the Islamic State terrorist group, in separate and simultaneous security operations in Kenitra, Larache, Souk Sebt Ouled Nemma, Taroudant and the rural commune of Souihla (Marrakech prefecture).

The suspects, aged between 21 and 44, were arrested by the BCIJ, supported by elements of the special forces of the General Directorate of Territorial Surveillance (DGST), over their alleged involvement in planning the execution of destructive projects within the framework of so-called individual terrorist operations, a statement issued by the BCIJ said.

Searches carried out at the homes of the suspects led to the seizure of electronic materials and media, which will be subject to technical and digital expertise to determine their content, said the BCIJ statement, adding that manuscripts praising the IS terrorist group were also seized, including a manuscript listing products and elements used in the manufacture of explosive devices, in addition to bladed weapons of different sizes.

According to preliminary investigations, the five extremists are involved in the incitement and the preparation of the execution of terrorist projects and have undertaken the collection of extremist content on the manufacturing of explosive devices.

They also praised the physical liquidation and mutilation of corpses as adopted by the terrorist group, in addition to the extremist takfirist ideas of society and representatives of public authority and approving the spoils of terrorist operations.

According to the statement, the suspects had identified the targets to be aimed by each of them, which all overlap in the method and techniques of individual terrorism being summarized in the targeting of security and military sites and government installations.

They also planned physical liquidations against elements of the public forces and members of government departments, in addition to targeting financial and banking institutions in order to ensure the resources and financing necessary for their terrorist operations.

The suspects were taken into custody pending the judicial investigation conducted by the BCIJ to identify the terrorist projects prepared by each of them and determine the possible ramifications with other terrorist cells and organizations active in Morocco and abroad.

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