US applauds King Mohammed VI’s reforms, Morocco’s role in regional stability

US applauds King Mohammed VI’s reforms, Morocco’s role in regional stability

The United States commended the reforms launched under the leadership of King Mohammed VI and reiterated support for Morocco in favor of regional peace and stability.

Morocco and the US held this Tuesday in Rabat a new session of their strategic dialogue on regional political issue, led by foreign minister Nasser Bourita and Deputy Secretary of State of the United States of America, Ms. Wendy Sherman.


In a joint statement, the two officials expressed commitment to the long-standing relations between the US and Morocco that date back to the Treaty of Peace and Friendship in 1787.


They emphasized that the strategic bilateral partnership between Morocco and the United States is rooted in shared interests in regional peace, security, and prosperity.


In this regard, the US applauded the “crucial role” played by Morocco in maintaining regional peace and security in Africa and the Middle East.


Special attention was paid to bilateral cooperation to defeat terrorist groups AQIM and ISIS. In this respect, the US Deputy Secretary thanked Morocco as “a stable security-exporting partner, for its leadership of the Global Counterterrorism Forum and for its sustaining role in the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, including by co-chairing the Africa Focus Group of the Coalition and hosting the upcoming Ministerial Meeting of the Coalition in May,” the joint statement said.


At a press briefing, the US official said that Morocco takes part in 100 military exercises annually together with the US, adding that preparations are underway for the 2022 edition of the African Lion war games.


She also lauded Morocco’s contributions to helping Libyans find a political solution based on dialogue.

“The Foreign Minister and Deputy Secretary reaffirmed their strong commitment to the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, and national unity of Libya and the priority for organizing national elections in the near term,” the joint statement said.


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