Arab League adopts Morocco’s full map

Arab League adopts Morocco’s full map

The Arab League has asked all its offshoots to adopt a unified map of the Arab World including Morocco’s full map from Tangier to Lagouira.

The Arab League has sent a formal statement to all its affiliates with a map attached, Morocco’s news agency reported.

The new measure not only conforms to reality on the ground but represents for Morocco another diplomatic victory in the Arab World.

The Arab League decision came after the Algerian delegation protested the display of Morocco’s undivided map during an event held by the organization of Arab Women.

Algeria has mobilized its diplomacy and resources to defend separatism in southern Morocco to no avail and has received a series of blows recently on the back of the growing support for Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara.

Since the US recognition of Morocco’s territorial integrity, all US diplomatic missions and agencies now use the official Moroccan map including the Sahara where over 20 countries opened consulates.

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