Algeria deepens its economic, diplomatic isolation

Algeria deepens its economic, diplomatic isolation

Algeria under the military regime of general Chengriha and his civilian puppet Tebboune has taken in recent months a series of measures that left the country more isolated with an inaudible voice regionally and internationally.

Its warmongering against Morocco after cutting diplomatic ties has only further worsened the isolation of Algiers which is viewed more than ever as a rogue state in defiance of international legitimacy and neighborliness.

By instigating its mouthpieces to speak about an imaginary war in the Sahara, Algeria was dealt a severe blow by the UN Security Council which reiterated in its most recent resolution the need for Algeria to sit down in the negotiations table in order to find a mutually acceptable solution to the Sahara conflict.

Algeria denounced the resolution amid an international indifference to its narrative on the situation in the Sahara region including its unfounded accusations of Morocco concerning the targeting of two trucks in the area east of the berm.

No country has supported Algeria’s stance on Morocco. Spain, France and Arab nations have rather called for dialogue.

In his most recent speech or monologue with local reporters, President Tebboune surprisingly scaled down his warmongering and hostile statements against Morocco whom he raised once with a tone of defeat when he denounced the closer defense ties between Morocco and Israel.

This time, without naming it, he accused Morocco of plotting against the Algerian football team in a spate of conspiracy theories that the Algerian people seem to have become accustomed to.

The Algerian president also raised doubts as to the possibility of holding the Arab League summit in his country in March by using a conditional sentence.

Many observers believe that Algeria is not well-placed to host such an event in view of its hostile acts against Morocco, its connivance with Iran and its disrespect for sovereign decisions made by Gulf states.

Algeria’s isolation in the Arab League is echoed in Africa where it run out of money to buy support as it did during the cold war era. Algeria has lost its monopoly of the African Union’s Peace and Security Council which it has used to serve its Polisario proxy.

At the international level, Algeria poisoned ties with France and is viewed more like a client than a strategic or reliable ally.

The Algerian regime often rejoices at ties with Russia. But this relationship is not requited! Algeria and Russia are at loggerheads in Libya notably after Tebboune vowed to prevent Haftar from taking Tripoli.

As it desperately attempts to relaunch its weary diplomacy after years of lethargy under President Bouteflika, the Algerian regime, surfing on an obsolete discourse, is currently confronted with a lack of resources. Faithful to the cold-war rhetoric, Algeria fails to win new friends as it becomes an easy prey under the influence of a rogue state like Iran.


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