AU Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace, Security confers with Moroccan Junior Minister for National Defense Administration

AU Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace, Security confers with Moroccan Junior Minister for National Defense Administration

Issues related to peace and security in the African continent and the humanitarian actions deployed by Morocco for the benefit of several member countries of the African Union were discussed at a meeting held Tuesday in Rabat between visiting Commissioner of the African Union for Political Affairs, Peace and Security, Bankole Adeoye, and Moroccan junior Minister in charge of National Defense Administration, Abdeltif Loudyi.

The two sides surveyed the participation of the Royal Armed Forces in peacekeeping operations under the auspices of the United Nations in several African countries and the established humanitarian dimension of Morocco’s foreign policy, particularly the deployment of several military medical-surgical hospitals in several African countries, said a statement from the National Defense Administration.

On this occasion, Adeoye highlighted the key role played by Morocco, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, as an actor of stability and peace for the African continent.

He commended the royal solidarity-based initiative, which consisted in delivering medical aid to several African countries during the Covid-19 pandemic, added the statement.

He also stressed the multidimensional strategy spearheaded by the King to address the threats and security challenges of the region focusing on South-South cooperation, the launch of regional integrative projects, and the progressive sustainable development of the African continent.

The two officials reiterated their shared willingness to work for the consolidation of cooperation and partnership between Morocco and the African Union, concluded the statement.

The AU official had earlier met with Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita with whom he discussed peace and security issues in the African continent as well as the reforms and initiatives carried out by the African Union, and the major role played by Morocco to implement these reforms.

During a press briefing following his meeting with Bourita, the African official highlighted the importance of the major role played by Morocco in achieving effective and efficient governance for more stability and security in the continent.

He also recalled that during the last 6 months, the Commission has been working on the implementation of its new organizational chart, with the active participation of Morocco after its return to the African Union.

The Commission has adopted a strategic vision based on appropriate mechanisms to achieve purely African solutions, he added.

Referring to the recent elections held in Morocco, Adeoye emphasized the support provided by the Kingdom through the sharing of its experience and expertise with other African countries, in order to strengthen the capacity of African actors in this area and the consolidation of democracy on the continent.

The AU Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security also stressed the importance of lasting peace and stability in Africa, pleading, in this sense, for closer cooperation between African States to prevent conflicts and meet the new challenges related to the phenomena of terrorism and extremism.

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