Maghreb-Europe Gas Supply: Algeria shows it is not a reliable partner for Europe

Maghreb-Europe Gas Supply: Algeria shows it is not a reliable partner for Europe

The Algerian regime has proved once again that it is not a reliable partner for Europe by deciding unilaterally to close the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline, said Aymeric Chauprade, a former Member of European Parliament.

This 1,400 km long pipeline, which was inaugurated in 1996, used to supply Spain with natural gas via Morocco. After cutting diplomatic ties with Rabat, the Algerian rulers have decided to stop exporting gas to Spain through the pipeline crossing Morocco.

“Ending gas supply is not just another Algerian aggression against Morocco, but deals also a very hard blow to Spain and Europe as the move comes just before winter,” underlined in his twitter account the French expert in geopolitics.

“By taking such a disruptive decision, Algiers proves that it is not a reliable energy partner for Europe and that it is a factor of instability in the Maghreb and the Mediterranean regions”, he stressed, urging the European Union to consolidate further its partnership with Morocco.


Algeria’s unilateral decision not to renew the agreement on the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline, is decried by many European observers and politicians as blackmail towards Europe.


In this vein, several Members of the European Parliament have joined their voice to that of their colleague Tomáš Zdechovský and criticized Algeria’s unilateral decision to suspend the supply of gas to Europe as an unacceptable blackmail.


For Romanian MEP Attila Ara-Kovacs, the disruption by Algeria of the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline is “a source of concern in a context of a sharp rise in energy prices.”


“EU gas supply must remain secure and regular, particularly as winter approaches,” he tweeted.


Bulgarian MEP and vice-president of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party Ilhan Kyuchyuk said that disrupting supplies to Europe via the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline “for political purposes is an irresponsible decision that should not be accepted.”


MEP Andrey Kovachev believes it is “very disturbing that Algeria has decided to cut the gas supply as winter nears.”


“Energy supplies should not be manipulated for political purposes,” the MEP insisted.


Several Italian MPs have also denounced Algeria’s decision not to renew the agreement on the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline, labeling the decision as “an unacceptable blackmail on gas.”


The unilateral halt by Algeria of the gas supply through the Maghreb-EU pipeline is blackmail against the EU in a phase of great need. This decision must be denounced and sanctioned, said in a tweet Member of Parliament Paolo Grimoldi.


For his part, MP Paolo Lattanzio expressed, in a tweet, his concern over the non-renewal of the pipeline agreement.


“Rising energy prices and escalating tensions are not what we need in the Mediterranean,” he argued, adding that the non-renewal could have a “serious impact on Spain.”


For MP Marco di Maio, the decision is “very serious as it was taken in a context marked by strong pressure on energy prices.” “The EU should not give in to Algerian threats.”


Moroccan authorities said the Algerian decision will have “insignificant impact” on electricity supply in the country as all necessary contingency measures were taken to ensure the continuity of the commodity supply.

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