Argentinian media denounce Algeria’s malicious propaganda against Morocco

 Argentinian media denounce Algeria’s malicious propaganda against Morocco

Several Argentinian media have denounced Algeria’s malicious propaganda against Morocco and its sovereignty, pointing out that this propaganda is vain and is doomed to failure despite the Algerian regime’s efforts to mobilize its diplomacy and economic resources and even its resort to fake news to undermine the growing support enjoyed by the Kingdom in Africa regarding its legitimate positions.

In this connection, the Argentinian news agency “Alternative Press Agency” published a dispatch on “The dirty campaign of disinformation, with falsification of documents” propagated by Algeria on social networks, noting that such practices “arouse concern and rejection in the world”.

The Argentinian media explains that Algeria has tried to minimize the scope of the recommendations of a recent international seminar held in Tanzania, which dealt “a serious blow to Algerian diplomacy”, when it unanimously rejected Algerian policy concerning the Sahara.

Actually, the seminar, co-organized by the Tanzania Peace Foundation (TPF) and the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS) and held under the topic “The Imperative of Post-Covid Recovery: How Can the Resolution of the Sahara Issue spur African Stability and Integration?” in Dar Es-Salaam, had called for the expulsion of the pseudo-SADR, self-proclaimed by the Algeria-backed separatist polisario, from the African Union (AU).

The expulsion of “SADR, which has “no attributes of a sovereign state”, will correct a “burdensome historical error” that was inherited from the Organization of African Unity (OAU), and that discredits the AU in its Constitutive Act stipulating that the Union must only bring together sovereign states, said the participants in the Conference in a final statement.

Angered by this clear-cut standpoint, the Algerian authorities disseminated via the official Press Agency, APS, a “fake news” claiming that the president of the Tanzania Peace Foundation, Sadiki Godigodi, “has denounced the manipulation of the final statement.” The authorities went as far as disseminating on social networks ”apocryphal documents” bearing a forged signature of the TPF President and the logo of the Foundation.

The Argentinian agency notes that “the falsification of reality, exaggerations, and lies are procedures that Algeria and its puppet the Polisario usually resort to.”

The agency warned against this escalation in Algeria’s hostility against Morocco, calling on the international community to prevent the risks endangering regional security and stability and to deter Algeria’s provocative actions.

Following the fake news disseminated by APS, the President of the Tanzania Peace Foundation denied the content of such a fake document, and assured in an official statement that the news circulated by APS and relayed by some media outlets are false and that both the signature and the seal affixed to the document are forged.

The Tanzania Peace Foundation reaffirms strongly the positive and effective participation of its members in the conference, as well as its commitment to all the conclusions and recommendations issued by the conference.

For its part, the Argentinian news website “Eldesafio Semanario” recalled the content of the latest report of the UN Secretary General, Antonio Gutteres, to the Security Council in which he clearly underlined “the responsibility of Algeria and the Polisario in the instability of the region and the blocking of the peace process of the Sahara issue.”

The Argentinian media outlet also commented on the resolution of the seminar organized in Tanzania as well as on the conclusions of a seminar held in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Participants in both seminars pleaded in favor of the expulsion of the pseudo-SADR from the African Union (AU), an expulsion which will correct a “historical injustice” and allow the Pan-African organization to regain its prestige and credibility, writes Eldesafio Semanario.

Another Argentinian news outlet “Voces del Parlasur”, which deals with political and economic issues in the South, echoes the historical evidence of the Moroccan character of the Sahara, provided during the seminar by Fahmi Said Ibrahim, former Comorian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Argentinian site points out that Algeria’s involvement in the dispute “has manifested itself on the diplomatic, legal, financial and military fronts since the genesis of this regional conflict. It is clear that the Polisario owes its survival only to Algeria, which supports it,” as outlined on the sidelines of the Dar Salam seminar, Rwandan political scientist Ismaël Buchanan, also professor of political science at the University of Rwanda, the media notes.

Two other local media, “Agencialegislativa” and “Eltribunorosarino” report that “African experts, including politicians, academics, economists, representatives of the private sector and prominent members of civil society, underlined in Kinshasa the absolute imperative to expel the SADR of the AU, a measure which will constitute “an institutional advance in the service of African Unity”.

Both media focus on “the failure of the continuous crusades led by Algeria against Morocco and against its national sovereignty which no one appreciates.”

The Argentinian media also underscore the permanent development witnessed by the Moroccan southern provinces in all sectors, noting that the inhabitants of these provinces, who participated massively in the elections of September 8, “enjoy their economic, cultural and political freedom in an emancipatory environment.”

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