Algeria wants Morocco to leave Morocco!!!

Algeria wants Morocco to leave Morocco!!!

In its most recent diplomatic blunder, the Algerian foreign ministry called Morocco to leave its southernmost tip of Guerguarat as a condition for finding a “political solution” to a conflict that it has created and perpetuated in the Sahara.

The statement was made by Algeria’s foreign ministry in reaction to the official appointment of Staffan De Mistura as the new UN envoy to the Sahara.

Algeria’s call is only vindicating Morocco’s calls for the country to assume its role as the real party to the Sahara dispute.

It also reflects the disillusionment of warmongering military rulers who have nothing to offer to the Algerian people but more repression as they continue to sow instability domestically and in the region.

Morocco’s retrieval of the Guerguarat border crossing has pulled the rug from under Algeria’s feet which is unable to compete with Morocco in the African market.

The increasing number of countries that have consular representations in the Sahara territory and the recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over it by the US stand as major setbacks for an isolated Algeria.

The military regime in Algiers has often ordered the Polisario to send its militias to the border crossing where they had the habit to block the free flow of commercial traffic and practice all sorts of banditry on the Guerguarat border strip.

In his report on the Sahara to the Security Council, Guterres made it clear that Morocco moved in without leaving a single casualty to secure once and for all a border crossing that links it to the rest of Africa after three weeks of an unlawful blockade by the Polisario armed men.

The Polisario militias used to come all the way with Algiers connivance from their rear base in Tindouf to block a road that is crucial for Morocco’s ties with the rest of the continent.

The return of Guerguarat to Morocco’s motherland is irreversible and sends a clear message to Algeria and its puppets: Morocco is uncompromising on its territories and that any reckless adventure by the remotely controlled Polisario will result in painful consequences.

The return of Guerguarat to Morocco’s control came after the failure of the UN mission the MINURSO to prevent Polisairo’s banditry. Now the Guerguarat crossing plays its role as a safe bridge propitious for the free flow of goods and people between the Kingdom and the rest of West Africa.


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