Morocco set to bolster its sovereignty on all strategic fronts

Morocco set to bolster its sovereignty on all strategic fronts

Morocco is committed to fostering its sovereignty in relation to health, energy, industry and food in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, King Mohammed VI said.

In a speech marking the opening of the parliament Friday after the September 8 elections, the King lauded Morocco’s management of the health crisis, saying that the Kingdom managed to meet its needs and supply the market with essential goods.

“I therefore insist on the need to set up an integrated national system to manage the strategic reserve stock of essential goods and products, especially in the areas of food, health and energy,” the King said.

“In this regard, our national needs should be regularly updated in order to enhance the country’s strategic security,” the King said, noting that “many countries have grappled with major disruptions in the provision and distribution of these goods.”

“We have, by the grace of the Almighty, achieved a great deal in terms of protecting public health and providing support to the sectors and populations affected by the crisis,” he recalled.

“The state has met its obligations, supplying vaccines – on which it spent billions – free of charge. It has also provided all other necessities in order to mitigate the impact of the crisis on citizens.” the King made it clear.

He reiterated his call on citizens to “the use of protective means and compliance with the measures taken by the public authorities concerned.”

“The national economy is clearly recovering, despite the unprecedented repercussions of this crisis and the contraction of the global economy,” the King said, adding that Morocco’s economic outlook is inspiring “optimism”.

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