UN chief highlights Algeria’s role in Sahara conflict, omits referendum

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres reaffirmed in his report Algeria’s role in the Sahara conflict and reiterates call for a political, realistic, lasting and mutually acceptable solution to the regional dispute.

The call de facto omits the referendum option by stressing the mutually acceptable requirement of the desired solution which the UN has called for in Resolutions 2440, 2468, 2494 and 2548.

Such a solution is only fathomable if Algeria takes its responsibility to sit in the negotiation table, Guterres said in his report where Algeria was mentioned 14 times.

UN resolutions have also described Morocco’s autonomy plan for the territory as serious and credible.

Morocco considers Algeria as the genuine party to the Sahara conflict in view of its role in creating, hosting and arming the Polisario front.

Omar Hilale, Morocco’s representative to the UN, had said that there would be no resumption of political process without the presence of Algeria as a party to the conflict.

The same report highlights Morocco’s development efforts in the territory citing the setting up of a port worth over 1.2 billion dollars and an expressway as well as the increase in diplomatic representations in the territory.


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