Morocco eases coronavirus restrictive measures

Morocco has cut the curfew two hours asking citizens to go home at 23:00 instead of 21:00 as the pandemic situation improves in the country.

The easing of restrictions to contain Covid-19 came after Morocco inoculated most jabs in Africa. It now has administered 22.6 million jabs of the AstraZeneca, Sinopharm and Pfizer vaccines in a population of about 37 million.

As of October 1, traveling between cities would only require the vaccine pass or special permit from authorities, the government said in an official statement.

Cafes and restaurants can also serve clients until 23:00 provided they do not exceed 50% of their capacity.

Public transportation means are asked not to exceed 75% capacity and public gatherings are allowed provided they do not exceed 50 people.

Hammams and gyms can open their doors provided they stick to 50% capacity condition.

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