Tunisia: President announces new electoral Code, continuation of exceptional measures decreed on July 25

Tunisian President Kais Saied announced Monday the elaboration of a new electoral Code as part of new changes he wants to induce after seizing all powers on July 25, making it clear that the exceptional measures decreed on July 25 will continue.

At an “unannounced” visit to the governorate of Sidi Bouzid, President Kais Saied announced the establishment of new transitional provisions to run the country, and said that a Prime Minister will be designated shortly and that a new electoral bill will be prepared, reports TAP news agency.


“The exceptional measures will continue, transitional measures have been put in place, a head of government will be appointed and a new electoral code will be put in place. The world must know that rights and freedoms will be respected and that sovereignty belongs to the people,” he said in the address aired on first state-run television.

Saied seized the executive power and froze the activities of the parliament on July 25 in a move he claimed was needed to restore the North African country.

“There is no question of going back on the decisions of July 25,” said the president, adding that these measures “have come to save the country from an imminent danger.”

The head of state said he had resorted to these measures “to preserve the country” and “not to distribute positions.”

In his Monday address, he noted that the provisions stipulated in the Constitution on rights and freedoms will be maintained and will not be affected, denouncing a campaign of attacks and criticism by some parties against him.

Kais Saied accused parties, without naming them “of seeking to sow chaos and disorder in the country.”

“The country is currently suffering from many fomented crises, and it is out of question to go backwards,” he said, assuring that “it will never give up its goals.”

There is no room for confusion or disruption… we must choose…, either death or victory…,” he insisted.


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