Morocco Inks Arab Space Cooperation Group’s Charter

Morocco Inks Arab Space Cooperation Group’s Charter

Morocco has signed lately in Abu Dhabi the charter of the Arab Space Cooperation Group seeking to encourage and enhance inter-Arab cooperation in the space sector.

“Morocco is proud to be a founding member of the Arab Space Cooperation Group and signing its basic charter is an important step forward in creating a unified regional vision”, said Director General of the Royal Centre for Remote Space Sensing, Driss Al-Hadani.

For his part, Ibrahim Al-Qasim, Space Science Advisor at the UAE Space Agency, said: “We are pleased to see Morocco ratify the Arab Space Cooperation Group’s basic charter because it will serve as a mechanism to accelerate joint endeavors and create a unified vision for the region”.

The Arab Space Cooperation Group was set up in 2019 to share knowledge and expertise in cutting-edge advanced technologies and space exploration among all member states.


Chaired by the UAE Space Agency, the group includes Morocco, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Jordan, Algeria, Tunisia, Sudan, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq and Mauritania.


It is tasked with harmonizing regulations among space authorities, adopting a unified position at regional and international forums, and guiding joint initiatives for comprehensive collaboration.

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