Libya: Suicide bomber blows himself at checkpoint in Zella

A suicide bomber killed himself Sunday at a checkpoint in the Libyan city of Zella but did not cause any other causalities, reports say, citing the army of rebel General Khalifa Haftar who controls the area.

The spokesman of the army said the suicide bomber killed himself as he attacked the outpost.

“The terrorist was confronted and seriously wounded, after which he died in the hospital,” Ahmed Mismari said. Mismari added that the attack bore the hallmark of the Islamic state group (ISIS).

Zella is a small oasis town in the desert south of Sirte located near an oilfield of the same name. The oil-rich African country has been dogged for years by internal rivalries coupled with terrorist threats.

ISIS entered Libya in 2014 and turned the country as a base in Africa following the NATO-backed revolution that wiped out the regime of Muammar Gaddafi himself, assassinated in the uprising, in 2011.

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