Morocco expects demand on gas to grow to 3 billion cubic meters by 2040

Morocco expects its demand on natural gas to spike to 3 billion cubic meters by 2040, the energy ministry said in a document that spells out the broadline for a strategy to secure gas supply.

The document outlines Morocco’s ambition to raise the share of natural gas in powering the industrial sector as Morocco presses ahead with its carbon-free goal.

In this respect, a law will be enacted governing gas supply, transport, storage and logistics in general.

The department also studies possibilities to develop onshore and offshore LNG facilities.

Meanwhile, head of Morocco’s mines and hydrocarbons office Amina Benkhadra said that Morocco is willing to renew a gas pipeline deal with Algeria despite the ongoing tension between the two countries.

Algeria exports most of its gas to Spain through a pipeline that crosses Morocco. The pipeline agreement will come to an end in October if it was not renewed.

Benkhadra also highlighted the oil potential offshore Agadir where a UK firm confirmed potential reserves of 2 billion barrels.

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