In disarray, Algeria pins all its troubles on Morocco

In disarray, Algeria pins all its troubles on Morocco

Algeria’s aging military rulers are pinning all their troubles on Morocco in an attempt to clear themselves of responsibility over the miserable living conditions suffered by the Algerian citizens.

The desperate attempts by the regime to blame the ravaging fires on “malicious hands” is actually to blame for the killing of an Algerian citizen by angry mobs after Police suspected him of being responsible for triggering the blazes!

Fires are commonplace in the Mediterranean during the summer due primarily to excessive heat, drought and climate change. But in Algeria, authorities prefer to blame the blazes on political opponents in an attempt to derail the debate from their incapacity to anticipate risks and to have proper means to extinguish large-scale fires.

Algerian police said one of those involved in the killing of the man in Tizi Ouzzou, who was burned alive, tried to flee to Morocco! hinting that Rabat might be behind the blazes, in a hate speech that fools no one.

More than five days after Morocco offered to send two precious Canadair fire-fighting aircrafts, Algeria still waits to receive them from the EU!

Algerian regime is thus sending a clear message that it would rather let its poor people in the restive Kabylie region burn than accept help from its neighbor.

Separately, Algeria’s foreign minister accused Morocco of acting in connivance with Israel to target Algeria, in response to comments by Israeli foreign Yair Lapid who told reporters in Rabat that Algeria’s role in the Sahara conflict and its close ties with Iran were a matter of concern.

Lapid only stated the obvious! Algeria is responsible for creating and arming the Polisario front and has acted as a client serving Iran’s agenda in North Africa.

Algeria’s hostility to Morocco is met with indifference from a people who have boycotted elections and demand accountability from a regime that has squandered oil wealth leaving them in dire shortage of vital goods including milk, water, flour, vegetable oil, and now oxygen amid an acute health crisis.


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