Montreal-based Alithya expands in Morocco to bolster expertise of its Digital Solutions Center

Montreal-based Alithya expands in Morocco to bolster expertise of its Digital Solutions Center

Alithya announced last week the opening of a subsidiary office in Tangier, Morocco, to leverage the North African country’s rich IT talent pool in order to bolster the expertise of its teams, and help advance the innovative work of Alithya’s global Digital Solutions Center that already comprises over 650 highly skilled professionals.


As the Montreal-based Alithya continues to expand its operations in North America and Europe, a growing demand for its transformation services requires new and creative approaches to find highly skilled IT professionals to support its client’s needs, the company said in a press release.


In order to offset regional shortages, Alithya is recruiting from Morocco’s expansive pool of young, university educated IT professionals. The new recruits, who will primarily engage in remote work, will be integrated into Alithya’s North American and European teams and work on global projects, it said.


Tangier, Morocco’s second largest economic hub, is home to three engineering schools that have developed more than 8,000 graduates currently seeking employment opportunities. From that large tech base, Alithya is expanding the pool of expertise made available to its customers in existing markets. Additionally, Morocco’s tech-educated workforce is comprised of an abundance of English and French speakers, addressing both main languages employed by Alithya’s operations.


Steeve Duchesne, Senior Vice President, Digital Solutions at Alithya said, “Technical expertise and professionalism are the common threads that run through every aspect of Alithya’s business. The expertise of our people is the strength that our customers depend upon to help accompany them through their complex projects. As the post-Covid world re-emerges with greater urgency in respect to digital transformation, Alithya is taking proactive measures to ensure that we have the quantity and quality of professionals to meet that demand. Every new professional added to our teams is trained in our project governance model known as ‘the Alithya Way’ which ensures customers are always served with the same proven method of delivering quality projects on time.”


Business offerings include a comprehensive range of digital technology services to address client needs and that can namely take the form of staff loan or Alithya’s takeover of deliverables for its clients.


Alithya’s integrated offerings have positioned the company as a trusted advisor, with proven proficiency in designing and building innovative and efficient solutions for complex business challenges.


Alithya continually invests in the expansion of its service portfolio to anticipate and meet the evolving needs of its clients. Current core business offerings include a comprehensive range of digital technology and software engineering consulting services.

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