Pegasus Spyware: Ex-Boss of French Intelligence Agency rejects bogus accusations against Morocco

Former chief of France’s domestic intelligence agency Bernard Squarcini has cast doubts over the veracity of the accusations targeting Morocco, saying he does not believe the allegations, claiming that the North African Kingdom had hacked cell phones of several Moroccan and foreign personalities using Pegasus spyware of Israeli NSO Group.

Speaking to radio station Europe1 this Wednesday, Mr. Bernard said that he does not believe that Morocco is behind Pegasus snooping, stressing the need to avoid drawing hasty conclusions regarding these allegations.

“It is too easy to make such accusation against Morocco, which is a partner, backed by major countries and major global powers with which it cooperates,” said ex- Director of the French spy agency.

The Moroccan government has rejected as “false and baseless” the allegations and challenged the accusers, including Amnesty International, “Forbidden Stories” group, a media coalition, and their supporters to provide any tangible or physical evidence to support their claims.

Rabat also has warned that it would take legal action, in Morocco and abroad, against any party that takes up these false and groundless accusations to tarnish the country’s image.

The constitution protects personal communications and law enforcement agencies act within what the law permits, the Moroccan government said in a statement.

The statement also pointed out that the Moroccan government has never acquired computer spyware to infiltrate communication devices, nor have the Moroccan authorities ever resorted to such acts.

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