Nearly 104 tons of Morocco’s emergency medical aid arrived in Tunisia

Nearly 104 tons of Morocco’s emergency medical aid arrived in Tunisia

An eighth plane of the Moroccan Royal Air Force landed this Saturday morning at Tunis-Carthage international airport, as part of the airlift carrying emergency medical aid ordered by King Mohammed VI for the benefit of Tunisia.

Morocco has sent urgent aid to Tunisia after the country reached dramatic figures in terms of hospital occupancy and the cumulative incidence of infections among the Tunisian population.

The eight planes have so far delivered nearly 103 tons and 68 kg of the Moroccan emergency medical assistance, comprising two complete and autonomous intensive care units, with a total capacity of 100 beds beds, 100 respirators and 2 oxygen generators. The assistance is meant to help Tunisia cope with the worrying social and health situation it is going through.

The royal decision to grant Tunisia an emergency medical assistance falls within the framework of the ties of active solidarity between the two countries, as well as the genuine brotherhood uniting the two peoples.

The Tunisian Presidency had expressed thanks to Morocco for the emergency medical aid, describing the move as “a noble initiative that embodies the bonds of brotherhood that exist between President Kais Saied and King Mohammed VI, and illustrates the relations of solidarity and mutual aid deeply rooted between the two brotherly peoples.”

“The Presidency of the Republic expresses its heartfelt thanks and expresses its high consideration to the brotherly Kingdom of Morocco, King and People, following the arrival of emergency medical aid,” the Tunisian Presidency had said in a statement posted on its official website.

Diplomatic advisor to the Tunisian president, Walid Hajjam, on his part expressed heartfelt thanks and deep gratitude to King Mohammed VI, as well as to the Moroccan government and people for this initiative which translates the depth of relations between Morocco and Tunisia.

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