Morocco: Airborne Emergency Medical Aid Bounds to Tunisia as Ordered by King Mohammed VI

As part of the emergency medical aid ordered by the King of Morocco for the benefit of Tunisia, three military planes carrying 13.5 tons of medical aid each took off this morning from the 3rd Royal Air Force base of Kenitra heading towards Tunisia.

Tunisia is experiencing a worsening epidemiological situation related to Covid-19, due to a sharp increase in contaminations and deaths linked to Covid-19, King Mohammed VI has given His High Instructions to send emergency medical aid to Tunisia.

The medical aid ordered by the King consists of two complete and autonomous resuscitation units with a total capacity of 100 beds. It also includes 100 respirators and two oxygen generators with a capacity of 33 m3/hour each.

Other military planes will fly to Tunisia in the coming days to continue the delivery, which is part of the ties of active solidarity between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Tunisia, as well as the genuine brotherhood that unites the two brotherly peoples.

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