Morocco, EU to work together towards green energy transition

Morocco, EU to work together towards green energy transition

Morocco and the EU signed an agreement dubbed, Green Partnership, to promote a transition towards clean energy and counter global warming.

Under the deal, the two parties shall cooperate to meet commitments under the Paris Agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions, protect the environment and promote the green economy.

The agreement is part of the EU-Morocco Partnership for Shared Prosperity, signed in 2019, and it is intended to enhance cooperation between Morocco and the European Union in line with goals laid down by the European Neighborhood Policy.

The Partnership was expressed in a joint statement in which the EU lauded the efforts spearheaded by King Mohammed VI to address climate change and promote sustainable development in the Kingdom and in Africa.

The Green Partnership “is aimed at ensuring consistency in our work with regional and international frameworks such as the 2030 Agenda, the United Nations Conventions on Biological Diversity and Desertification, the Regional Platform of the Union for the Mediterranean on energy and industrial cooperation and the Barcelona Convention for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea Against Pollution”, the joint statement noted.

This type of partnership is actually the first of its kind that the EU is developing with a third country and, a fortiori, with a country from the southern neighborhood.

Morocco stands as a model in Africa and the Mediterranean in terms of renewable energy as the country aims to produce 52% of its electricity from renewables by 2030.

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