Tunisian Presidency sues another blogger in military court

Tunisian Presidency sues another blogger in military court

Tunisian blogger Amina Mansour will appear this Monday before the military court after a lawsuit lodged by the office of President Kais Saied over a Facebook post, one month after the same court sentenced Slim Jebali, a prominent blogger, to three months in prison.

Amina Mansour is sued by the office of the President for a Facebook post without giving further details, Business News reports.

Mansour, a prominent activist who took part in the 2011 revolution that swept away late President Ben Ali, came under the spotlight in 2019 after she was sentenced to one month in prison following a 2018 Facebook post in which she criticized former Prime Minister Youssef Chahed for promoting some corrupt custom officers.

The female activist is the second Tunisian blogger to be referred to the military court under the rule of President Kais Saied.

Selim Jebali, administrator of a Facebook page dubbed “Minister of Hypertension and Diabetes”, was sentenced to three months in prison late last month for defamation against the Tunisian leader.

Jebali’s condemnation was denounced including by Ennahdha, the country’s largest party in the parliament, which equated the court decision to violation of freedom of speech.

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