Morocco’s dam storage hits half capacity

Morocco’s dam storage hits half capacity

After two years of successive drought, Morocco’s dam filling almost stayed stable at 51.3% by March 8, said the water department.

In a recent report, the ministry noted that last year’s water storage in Moroccan dams stood at an average of 49%.

While north and central dams show resilience and higher filling capacity, those of the key agricultural region of Souss are at critical levels leaving the risk of water cuts during the summer on the horizon.

Experts expect water storage in Morocco’s dams to further decrease due to vaporization and high demand this summer.

Morocco has 145 large dams and 250 small ones and expects 20 more dams between 2020 and 2027.

Since his accession to the throne in 1999, King Mohammed VI has consolidated the policy led by late King Hassan II to provide the Kingdom with water infrastructure through dams of different sizes.


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