World’s longest subsea cable will connect Morocco to UK grid

World’s longest subsea cable will connect Morocco to UK grid

UK-based Xlinks company is planning to build 10.5 GW of wind and solar complex in Morocco and sell the generated power in the UK through a 3,800 km submarine cable, the longest subsea power transmission link in the world.

The ambitious project, to cost about £18 billion, has been unveiled by the company’s CEO, Simon Morrish in an interview with pv magazine. The managing board of Xlinks includes members such as Paddy Padmanathan, the president and CEO of Saudi ACWA Power involved in renewable energy projects in Morocco.

Xlinks is planning to hold international tenders for the project construction and expects to bring online the first 1.8 GW cable at the beginning of 2027 and a second cable two years later.

The cable would cross international waters and dip into the territorial waters of European countries such as Portugal, Spain and France, according to the developer.


The UK Xlinks company says it is currently in talks with three major European cable manufacturers for the construction of the transmission lines.

When completed, the project will deliver 26 TWh of firm and flexible power to the UK each year under a contract for difference (CfD) scheme.

The project is expected to generate 7.5 pc of the UK’s electricity demand and deliver a very valuable power supply and contribute to the decarbonization of the planet.

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