Polisario leader hospitalized in Spain where he is wanted for war crime charges

Polisario leader hospitalized in Spain where he is wanted for war crime charges

After weeks of black out, the Polisario has admitted that its leader is in serious health condition and is now hospitalized in Spain.

The Algerian-sponsored separatist front has maintained a blackout on the sickness of its leaders after reporters mentioned that he was hit by a Moroccan drone strike, others reporters say he has Covid-19, while some news outlets say he has cancer in the digestive system.

His mentor, Algeria, apparently does not have hospitals where its protégé can receive treatment. Or Probably, Ghali is following the example of Algeria’s president in seeking treatment abroad in a move that reflects the unreliability of Algeria’s health system.

Ghali’s advisor Bachir Mostafa Sayed had told Spanish news agency EFE that he will remain in an Algerian hospital, a statement that reflects the state of disarray among the ranks of the separatist front.

However, the Polisario later confirmed in a statement that their leader was hospitalized in Spain. He was admitted to a hospital in Saragossa on Wednesday after he arrived onboard a medical flight paid by the Algerian tax-payer and entered Spain using an Algerian passport.

Some Algerian news outlets said Algeria gave him a passport under the name of Mohamed Ben Battouche and denounced the preferential treatment reserved by the Algerian State to Polisario militiamen at the expense of state funds in a context of crisis.

Morocco’s le360 said that the Separatist leader entered Spain using a passport with a fake name in order to avoid being arrested in Spain where he is wanted on charges relating to war crimes, terrorism and kidnapping.

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