Sahara: Youth of US Democratic Party supports Morocco’s territorial integrity from Dakhla

Sahara: Youth of US Democratic Party supports Morocco’s territorial integrity from Dakhla

A delegation of the Young Democrats of America (YDA), the youth wing of the US Democratic Party, expressed its unconditional support for Morocco’s territorial integrity and for the Autonomy Plan as a solution to end the Sahara conflict.

This came during the delegation’s visit to Dakhla from March 31 to April 3, where it held a series of meetings, in particular with local elected officials and representatives of various departments.

YDA President and leader of the delegation Joshua Harris-Till said the recognition by the United States of the full and entire sovereignty of Morocco over its Sahara “is only a first step”. “There is still work to be done. American investments must be made in Dakhla,” he insisted.

The delegation members who visited a cherry tomato farm, which exports part of its production to the United States, called in this connection on investors to gain a foothold in the Dakhla region “which has a strong economic potential”.

“There are many opportunities for investors in Dakhla wherefrom resources can be shared with Africa,” YDA President Joshua Harris-Till said.


During the visit, the US delegation members paid tribute to the late Issac Robinson, former president of the Young Democrats of America, who passed away recently because of the Covid-19. He had visited Dakhla in 2010 for the exhibition of the largest flag in the world.

The American delegation, which also included YDA vice president Carrisa Mechelle McFadden, the president of the Democratic Party women’s organization, Danielle Glover Nicole, and YDA member Heather Brown, visited Morocco March 31 to April 4 at the invitation of the youth of the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM).

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