WHO congratulates Morocco on its vaccine efforts

The World Health Organization (WHO) congratulated Morocco on the success of its Covid-19 vaccination efforts, indicating that the country is among the “top 10 successful countries” in launching a national vaccination campaign.

Morocco started preparing for a national free vaccination campaign as early as November and kickstarted inoculation on January 28.

So far, 3.74 million people have been vaccinated in the North African country, which has ordered 66 million doses from AstraZeneca and China’s Sinopharm, enough to inoculate 33 people.

Overall, more than 94% of doses administered in Africa are in Morocco, sending a message of hope for a continent that struggles to have its fair share of vaccines amid national approaches that complicate access to this rare and vital commodity.

Morocco, which is on par with the world’s most advanced countries in Covid-19 vaccination, has vowed to help African partners have the vaccine.

The deal with China’s Sinopharm includes clinical trials as well as the setting up of a production plant.

Vaccination is also key to unlocking the economy and international travel on which Morocco’s hard hit tourism sector relies.


The pandemic has led to a steep drop in revenues of the tourism sector which plummeted by 53% last year to 36 billion dirhams.


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