ECOWAS completes evaluation mission of transition in Mali on a note of satisfaction

ECOWAS completes evaluation mission of transition in Mali on a note of satisfaction

The Economic Community of West African States’ assessment mission on the transition in Mali ended on Tuesday, January 12. The ECOWAS team met with the main actors of the transition, the political class and other actors of the electoral process.

During a press conference, the institution’s delegation welcomed the installation of all the organs of the transition, but notably asked for more inclusiveness so that the 18-month transition would lead to transparent general elections.

With only 14 months left for the organization of the general elections, a chronogram of activities is needed. “We have insisted on the need to quickly have the roadmap, the action plan that determines all the activities that must be carried out and that will lead to elections at the end of this period,” explained Jean-Claude Kassi Brou, President of the ECOWAS Commission and member of the delegation.

To achieve this, the mission of the sub-regional institution invited both sides to engage in more dialogue. “This will make it possible to have a process that reinforces the inclusive nature of the implementation of the transition. That is what will guarantee peace and stability in the country,” continued Jean-Claude Kassi Brou of ECOWAS.

Another subject was close to the heart of the ECOWAS delegation, the latest alleged attempt to destabilize the transition. “Any process must obviously follow the legal provisions in force in Mali and international conventions. That those who are not convicted be released quickly. Here too we have received assurances.’’

The mission will report on its stay and recommendations to the ECOWAS Heads of State at a summit scheduled before the end of the month.

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